Home is where many of our patients feel the safest. Secure in the memories and nostalgic atmosphere, your own residence can provide all the real comforts of home while still maintaining your medical needs. Here are some easy alterations to make your home safe from potential accidents.

  1. Add a ramp or threshold mat to any stairs or interior thresholds to make each room more accessible.
  2. Mount grab bars throughout the bathroom to ease the strain of daily activities.
  3. Tape down or remove area rugs that are potential tripping hazards.
  4. Move all commonly used items to easily reachable shelves.
  5. Arrange furniture to increase space and create a wider walkway.
  6. Update certain furniture items if needed to achieve medical efficiency. (Items such as hospital beds, lift chairs, walk-in bathtubs, etc.)
  7. Have a dining regiment. Ensure you or your loved one is gaining the necessary nutrients with access to at least three meals a day.
  8. Provide easy access to any communication devices such as alarms, telephones, or a computer.
  9. Have a plan should an accident occur. Work with your family to decide on a method of communication, mode of transport, and other key items to ensure safety. Decide on daily or weekly check-ins to keep your loved ones in the loop. Always call 911 in case of emergencies.
  10. ADJUST. Portions of your now adjusted home may need to change as time goes on. Making small adjustments throughout makes for a much easier fix than waiting to complete all the changes later down the road.

Home is where the heart is, and we look forward to helping you enjoy your home in addition to the medical capabilities it provides. If you or your loved one is considering staying at home through their medical journey reach out to Johns Hopkins Home Care Group at 410-288-8100.

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