Life can be challenging for caregivers during the best of times, but the holidays can be especially taxing. It’s not uncommon for many to experience burnout this time of year. But there are three key tips that can help get you through this season with reduced stress and renewed positivity.

1. Keep Your Routine

One of the biggest stressors this time of year is adjusting to sudden changes to your routine. Between gatherings, shopping and other community events, it can be easy to overschedule yourself. Give yourself the right to say “no” to an event if you’re getting overwhelmed.

2. Start New Traditions

No doubt you’ve had to adjust to a “new normal” when you first took on your role as a caretaker. Instead of focusing on the traditions that were lost during this time, spend your energy creating new ones. This could even be a bonding time between you and your loved one as you make new rituals that accommodate both of you.

3. Focus On What You Can Control

While we encourage you to say “no” when you feel overwhelmed, sometimes this can make you feel as if you’re losing control. This is especially true if your loved one had a sudden flare-up or an incident that made it impossible to attend an event you were looking forward to.

Although you can’t control how your loved one’s condition is affecting both of your lives, you can control your attitude. Choosing to have a positive outlook can improve your mood and energy, which can translate to being able to do more during the holidays.

Remember to take a step back and allow some self-care during this hectic time of year. As it’s often said, to take care of others, we must first take care of ourselves. Should you feel a helping hand is needed, private duty services such as those offered by Johns Hopkins Home Support, could be the solution to maintaining the health of you and your loved one.

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